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LabVIEW PPL Version not visible in Windows Explorer

Hi all


I'm new to PPL's and i tried to deploy a PPL to a prodcution machine with windows 10 and only LabVIEW Runtime installed.

Know i wan't to verify that i have the correct PPL-Version on the Production machine but the Version-Property is not visible:



On the development machine with Full LabVIEW installed the version-property is visible.

Is it because *.lvlibp is a unknown filetype?

How to solve this behaviour?


Best regards



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Hello to all


Is my question not clear or is there no solution?


Best regards

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There is a hidden gem that you can use to get the version information from your PPL: <LabVIEW>\vi.lib\Platform\fileVersionInfo.llb\


I have not tried it on a deployment machine yet, but you could make a very simple utility to get all of the PPL and executable files to check their version.

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Thanks Knight Of NI for your reply


That is a solution but that couldn't be that i have to write a extra utility to get the *.lvlipb Version.


Is there a other Solution?


Best regards 

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