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Labview 2010 64bit or 32bit?

Hi everyone,

First, I want to know if I can execute files built on 64bit Labview machine on a 32bit Labview software or not?

And second, does Lanview 64bit include all the toolkits and modules available in the 32bit version? Or, simply, which one is really better?


Thanks in advance

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VIs constructed in one of the versions can run on the other one without problems. However, compiled code cannot run on the other platform. I had problems with that when I first installed 64-bit version and then realised that I needed to call a 32-bit DLL from a VI. The only solution was to install the 32-bit version of LabView. Every time I've loaded a VI or library that requires that LabView makes a compilation, it has done so automatically without my interaction.


It is my understanding that all toolkits available for 32-bit are also available for 64-bit. The only difference is that 32-bit LabView comes with an extra DVD containing drivers and such, whereas for 64-bit they have to be downloaded.

Lars Melander
Uppsala Database Laboratory, Uppsala University
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This KnowledgeBase should answer all of the questions you have about LabVIEW x64 vs x32.

Stephanie A.
Americas Marketing Manager
National Instruments
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I looked at that. It doesn't answer my question. My point is about executing 64bit files on the 32bit version but the knowledge base mainly talks about how to operate 64bit software on 32bit vs. 64bit Operating systems.

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Read it again. Answer 5 tells you that you cannot run built 64bit executables on a 32 bit system. The last answer tells you that VIs are interchangeable. Please clarify what you mean by "executing".
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