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some questions about using TCP to control RFID reader

    Now, I can receive the RFID reader's signal, but still have many problems


1. The while loop can only run successfully five times at most, sometimes only one or two, then the TCP wait on listener VI can not receive signal, so it sent the value "0", and then I got totally run results.

2. I writed the command according to the hardware protocol, but the reader can not send the corresponding information to me. For example, I want to change the gain of reader, I sent the command, but the reader always sent the default information about how many tag were detected?

3. I want to use datasheet form to display result at front panel, the output Tag ID is an array, 8 bytes, so it is displayed in eight columns, I want to display in one column, I don't want to convert using "Concatenate strings", do you have methods to convert 1-D array of 8 elements to 1-D array of 1 elements (the 1 elements have totally 8 elements information)


   so many questions, thanks for your reply!



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