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How to release a dll file after the call?

I have a VI that uses CLF nodes to call a .dll file. I checked the Dynamically Load and Unload method. But my problem is I called lots of CLF nodes (pointing to the same dll file) and I want to release the dll file after the VI stops. I don't even know some of the CLF nodes will execute or not since they are in the different even loops. Is there any solution like the func "Request Deallocation" does?



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I did find this VI that is included with LabVIEW called Request Deallocation Funcation. If this is the last portion of the code in your VI it will deallocate the space used by the VI.

Stephanie A.
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Thanks for you input.


No. I don't know how this Request Deallocation Funcation works but it won't unlock the dll file unless I close the labview.

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