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I am wondering how to save a string to a Labelmark 5 file.  I want to use a certain template in the Labelmark software so I can print to specific labels.  Any suggestions?  The order I think I need to accomplish this is:

Open template

Save string to template


Close (without saving)

I downloaded their 30 day free trial which is stated to be the same as the professional version.  I am using a Brady IP300 printer if this information helps.  I see there is a lot of stuff under Report Generation but a lot of them are specific to Word or Excel.



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Hi ncm,


I am not very familiar with LabelMark software, however I do not believe that there is a built in way to write to a LabelMark 5 file without knowing exactly how the data is stored in a LabelMark 5 file. That being said, there may be an alternate way of approaching this issue. I have never used LabelMark software, but reading through the LabelMark FAQs reveals that LabelMark has the ability to import data for labels from an external database using a data scheme. You might be able to just save the data from LabVIEW into a file in the format desired by LabelMark (comma-delimited, tab-delimited, etc.) and then use LabelMark's data schemes to import that data into their software. Below are two links to LabelMark's support files that may be useful. I hope this explanation has helped some.


External Link: LabelMark FAQs #14 - What is a data scheme?


External Link: LabelMark Help Files - Managing LabelMark 5.X Data Schemes



Mike Watts
Product Manager - Modular Instruments
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Accepted by topic author ncm

So, I did a little more digging into the subject.  The suggestions that you gave had me interested.  I spoke with a representative and there is not a capability for LabVIEW to print using the Labelmark 5 software since it does not have an API.  But that is ok, I have adjusted/designed a LabVIEW program that uses Excel to print on the Brady printer using the correct label size.  I tried using Word, but the problem is that Word does not save the printer setting in the advanced menu like I need it to but Excel does (one of the buggy things about Word that I don't like) 

I posted what I came up with in:

How to print using a Brady Printer IP300

in the discussion forum (not sure how to add a link to that discussion)
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Hi ncm,


Thank you for posting your solution. I will link the forum post that you mentioned so that future users can easily find the answer. 


NI LabVIEW Forum: How to print using a Brady Printer IP300


Mike Watts
Product Manager - Modular Instruments
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Thanks Mike!!!

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