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LabView 2021 Community Edition

I have downloaded LabView Community Edition 32 bit for Windows (.iso file) from here. :

An ISO.file was downloaded:

ni-labview-2021-community-x86_21.0.0_offline.iso 2,439,682 kB


After unrar I started installation on my NI PXI-1042 computer with Windows 7. The installer said, I need Windows 10 / 64 bit .... crazzy.😀


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According to NI documentation, LabVIEW 2020 is the last version compatible with Windows 7.  See LabVIEW and Microsoft Windows Compatibility Chart .


Bob Schor

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Why is that crazy? Microsoft themselves ended support for Windows 7 nearly two years ago.


You are running Community Edition on a PXI chassis? 🤔

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Either you are Rich to afford a personal PXI Chassis for hobby or misread the rule that Community Editon cannot be used for commercial use.


Please do read the CE license terms to avoid any legal controversies - 


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LabVIEW + TestStand + TestStand Semiconductor Module (2013 - 2020)
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I bought a PXI chassis with a damaged power supply for a very good price on eBay. I repaired the damaged power supply and the system has been working ever since.

I use it for hobby.

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JimB, I still run more older systems than Windows 7. The Windows 7 is the :"newest" system I have. My oldest system is HP-Unix on HP 75000  system. Regardless end of support....

And my oldest computer is HP9825A still working and often in use regardless support...  Just for fun and hobby.

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Wow, fun! What's the controller module? At work we have several PXI-1042 chasses (is that the plural?) with PXI-8108's and they run Windows 10 64-bit just fine. If the current installation of Windows 7 is activated, you can do the upgrade for free.

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