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LabVIEW subroutine link error

Hi guys,

it has been a while but I also got very professional answers from here. Here is another (tough?) one:

I provide a VI lib for customers of us. Some of these VIs have CIN in them and to allow almost everybody in the world to use our stuff I compile these CIN and the enclosing VIs using LabVIEW 5. So far this never has been a problem, but under LabVIEW 8 each VI that has a CIN in it now gives me This error message:

Code Interface Node: LabVIEW subroutine link error

The LabVIEW help gives a poor description on this error and it doesn't make a lot of sense anyway. Has there been a code breaking change in LabVIEW 8, that will in future force me to create two sets of libraries (absolute horror)? Or is there something else I am missing?

Thanks in advance!!!

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I just found out something else: Compiling the LSB files using VS 6 allows to run them under LV 8 as well, while compiling them with VS2005 doesn't...
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It seems LabVIEW did not find the .lsb files.

Please have a look at the following links.

How To Create a CIN in Microsoft Visual C++.NET
LabVIEW subroutine link error
 Why won't lvsbutil create lsb from Visual Studio .NET dll?
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sorry for responding late. I have been out of the office. This thread is continued under the title 'Using Labview 8 with MS Visual Studio .net 2003 to create .lsb file' and I think this is something hidden deep inside...


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