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Can I Save Graph as Postscript Image?

I have a real-time application executable, and I need to print out a graph from this GUI.  I learned that Print does not work for executables.


So- I thought I could save the graph as a picture, and immediately print the picture out.


I successfully downloaded the Labview .vi file:


BUT. Here’s the problem. I’m on a Unix machine. I cannot print out a .jpeg, only postscript files.


Is there a way to save the graph as a postscript file? Any suggestions?




Note: Yes, I am stuck on Labview 5.0. As a defense company, we need to use Concurrent Linux computers, which National Instruments stopped supporting back at Labview 5. Bear w/ me please. I’ve tried the newer versions, and they don’t work on our machine.

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Ok. Scrap that.
The save as .bmp program is not working in my run-time executable.  Is it possible to get it to work?
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can you execute a shell script? 
If YES than let a shell script do the work for you. I'm not so familar with unix (any more) but look what screendump  and GS is offering you.
If No: write and start a script that looks for a dummy file (MakeScreenCopy.txt) and if found do what you want and delete that file. Now LabVIEW only has to create that file (and can lock the screen until the file is fanished)
(I'm shure there are better ways.... )
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