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LabVIEW load error code 3: Could not load front panel

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Hello to all and particularly to RMAtheus,


Could you share the solution to the corrupted VIs (error code 3: Could not load front panel), please?


I am desperate looking for the solution to my file in attachment.

The trouble happened after to add a new terminal in the sub-VI.


Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,


Using LabVIEW 2011



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I teach LabVIEW 2011 to a class of 1st year engineering students, and a few of them are having this problem as well.  I haven't been able to duplicate it myself.  Attached is one of my student's VIs that can no longer be opened, by him or me.  It's very simple, just converts a temperature in Celsius to Fahrenheit, with a simple 2-terminal connector pane to allow it to be used as a subVI.  It doesn't call any subVIs.  We don't use Application Builder at all.  We are all using LabVIEW 2011 student edition.

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Also, I've been in touch with NI about this.  They suggested trying this to fix a corrpupted VI.  It didn't work for me though; still wouldn't open, same error..


Instructions to fix a corrupted VI in 2011

1. Close LabVIEW

2. Add connPaneRecoveryMode=True to the LabVIEW.ini file (-The LabVIEW.ini file is located in the National Instruments folder>>LabVIEW 2011>>LabVIEW.ini)

3. Open the corrupt VI.

4. Push Ctrl+A on the block diagram and the copy and paste to a new VI.

5. Save the new VI.

6. Close LabVIEW and remove the ini token (VERY IMPORTANT)

7. Restart LabVIEW and load the new VI and verify it is correct. Save

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Um.  Can someone explain how to fix and/or avoid this error?  Seems like a common problem in LV2011.  A few (too many) of my LabVIEW newbie students have been reporting this error, and so far no joy from NI on fixing it successfully, providing a workaround, or identifying the cause.  Here's an example of a very simple student VI that will no longer open.  No subVIs, just a single VI that converts a numeric value from Celsius to Fahrenheit, with an appropriate 2-terminal connector pane.  We're all using LabVIEW 2011 student edition, with only the mathscript module installed; no application builder or other modules.  (And we're not using the mathscript module in the problem VIs.)  I don't especially need the attached VI fixed; we just rewrote it.  I want to know what to tell my students to avoid the problem.  I haven't been able to duplicate it myself.  Please, someone advise me.  Young minds are being embittered by their first exposure to my long-beloved LabVIEW.

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This worked for me with my ''.

I just edited the ini file (adding connPaneRecoveryMode=True), opened the corrupted VI and copy the entire content to a new file. Solved!

Thanks N. Walker for share the solution.



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I'm happy it worked for you, ecfilipe.  I tried with your file and mine, still didn't work.  

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Hello Mathews,


Pleeeease try to open this .vi.


I already done what was suggested (add "connPaneRecoveryMode") above. But didn't worked.


Best regards

Software developer

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Hi, has anyone found a general solution to this problem?  This happened to me today, and i've been reading the boards looking for a solution I can do myself.  Changing the ini file didn't help me.  My code is pretty simple and has nothing fancy (attached).  any help is appreciated.

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jonrviper, I've been talking to tech support at NI, and they don't seem to know what causes the problem or how to prevent it, or even how to duplicate it.  The ini file token seems to work for some, but not for others.  The problem does seem to have to do with the connector pane.  My only measure so far is to tell my students to save a backup copy of their VI before they try to modify and wire the connector pane.  Then, if it corrupts the VI, the backup can be used instead of rewriting the whole VI.  Not much of a solution, I know.  This is very frustrating.


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thanks!  Mine also corrupted right after I used the connector pane.  Unfortunately, I hadn't backed up the file so I had to rewrite.  

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