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LabVIEW load error code 3: Could not load front panel

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I have the same message:

LabVIEW load error code 3: Could not load front panel

when I try to open VI.

I tried to repair it using recommended modification of ini file without success.


Can somebody repair attached file for me, please?




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Hi guys, got the same problem. I've tried the way mentioned on 2nd page with editing .ini file, but that didn't work. Maybe someone has good news for us and know how to fix it?

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fixed problem using this instruction in LabVIEW 2011 SP1

Instructions to fix a corrupted VI in 2011 SP1.

1. Close LabVIEW
2. Add connPaneRecoveryMode=True to the LabVIEW.ini file
3. Open the corrupt VI.
4. Push Ctrl+A on the block diagram and the copy and paste to a new VI.
5. Save the new VI.
6. Close LabVIEW and remove the ini token (VERY IMPORTANT)
7. Restart LabVIEW and load the new VI and verify it is correct. Save

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I also encoutered with this "could not load front panel" problem, could you help me to fix it? Thank you very much. My version is Labview 2011, check the attachment.

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I also have this problem, could you help me to fix it?

My version Labview 2011

Thank you very much.

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Hi hsm78,

I fail to see how that can possibly work as step 3 is "Open the corrupt VI."

Well, that is kind of the issue: we can't!!!

Me too, I get that frustrating message and can't open the vis I just created.

Similarly, it only does that to vis where I used the connector panel.

I tried setting connPaneRecoveryMode to eithe "True" or "False" but neither worked.

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Hi Xiaoquan,


I fixed the problem using LabVIEW 2011 SP1


Attached you will find the VI saved for LabVIEW 2011



kind regards.

Houssam Kassri



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Hi  Arkis,


I fixed the problem using LabVIEW 2011 SP1

Are you using LabVIEW 2011?


Attached you will find the VI saved for LabVIEW 2011



kind regards.

Houssam Kassri

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Hi all,

I just installed Service Pack 1 for Labview 2011 and it seems to have solved the opening problem (at least in my case).

So I suggest you try the same to see if it also works for you.

I guess this is what hsm78 was telling us (correct me if I'm wrong).

Just go to

then download and install SP1. Then, you will be able to open the "corrupted" VIs.

However, this is not the end of the story as the connector panel seems to have been simply de-activated somehow: It just does NOT want to accept any of my connections to controlers and indicators in my VI.

So, the end result is still the same: You can't use sub-VIs !!!!!

Without the ability to insert sub-VIs into your master program, as well not use Labview at all.

The use of subroutines is ESSENTIAL in programming.

I hope NI fixes this soon.

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Hi again,

I just talked to NI Support and we figured out what seems to solve this issue. My last post was mostly there:

you need to:

  1. download and install Service Pack 1
  2. Now you'll be able to open the corrupt VIs (I couldn't even open them without SP1). Note that your initial file IS likely corrupted: the connector pane just does not work (see my previous post).
  3. Copy the whole bolck diagram and paste it into a new, empty VI
  4. Now you can use the connector pane of this new VI
  5. You can dispose of the old, corrupted file.

At this point, I'm not sure if the modification of the .ini file (see post from hsm78 on May 7) is required but I had already modified mine.

Pretty much all these steps were alluded to in previous post but I found there were no complete description of a potential fix.

Maybe evryone had figured out all this but I certainly didn't and want to make sure others don't go through the same levels of frustration I did.

I hope that helps.

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