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Keyence SR-752



I am using a Keyence SR-752 camera. I am written a VI to control and get data from the camera thru the network. I have been able to connect to the camera, turn the lights ON/OFF get settings but when I select the LiveView to view the Data Matrix barcode labview goes into severe shotdown it needs to turn off to be able to run labview again.


I am using labview 2010 SP1

Keyence SR-752. It comes with some samples and I am using labview .net constructor with property node to connect. The only issue I have is the forceble exit of labview. When I run in the project I have to reboot the PC in order to get labview to work otherwise labview is frozen it does not accept any

control inputs not even pressing stop run vi.


attach is what happens.

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Hi Toro,


I am unfamiliar with LiveView, is it a HW attribute or SW attribute? If it is a HW attribute is it definitely supported on your camera? If it's software do you have the same error with any other camera?


Scott B.
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Hi Skirp:


I solve the problem. it was couse by MAX somehow MAX database got corrupted. I follow the info in the NI website on how to fix that problem.


Thanks for your responde.

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I am glad that you solved your issue! Also thank you for posting the solution in case anyone sees this issue in the future!

Scott B.
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