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How does the NI USRP-2920 satisfy Nyquist?

Acording to, "The bandwidth and sampling rate are related as an I/Q rate of 200 kS/s has a bandwidth of approximately 200 kHz."


In all of the examples included for the NI USRP-2920, the I/Q rate on both the RX and TX match. From my understanding to satisfy Nyquist, the sampling frequency should be greater than 2 * [carrier frequency + 1/2(bandwidth)]. I'm still learning and may have missed something, but here are the questions I have:


1) How does specifiying only the I/Q rate allow sucessful RX and TX? In what senario would you want different I/Q rates fro the TX and RX?

2) What defines the sampling frequency? Does LabVIEW automaticly pick a sampling frequency based on the supplied carrier frequency and I/Q rate?''


Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading


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