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Instrument assistant still output 0.0 without serial input, where is the trigger? - Noob question

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Guys bear with me, I am a other PLCs and VB/C programmer, there are old paradigms still locking my head.   :womansad:


Refer attached vi. After i disconnected the serial input, the instrument assistant still outputs 0.0 at its terminal at regular interval about 1 hz. Now how come the inst assistant still output 0.0 without a serial input trigger? There must be a timer some where.... but I looked everywhere there is no timer including by opening the front panel of the instrument assistant. I look at the while loop block and the VISA block etc, there is no timing settings. :womanmad:


So my question is, if there is no serial input to the instrument assistant, what is the object/setting that triggers the instrument assistant to still output 0.0 at a regular interval?Where is the object/setting?


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The 0.0 is probably the default value (NaN would have been better), I find it kind strange that you get every second a reply, if I convert the express VI to a normal VI (with right click->open front panel) the timeout is 3000 ms so I would expect a response every 3 seconds.



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Huge huge thanks! I can sleep tonight! Muahahahahahha!:smileytongue:
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