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dde server window message


Hi I get the above error message whenever I start up Labview 8.


Does anyone know what it means. Labview seems to be working ok otherwise.

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Don't link to images that are hosted by some third-party server. Just attach them to your post.

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Hi anthonyyiangou,


Thank you for contacting National Instruments. I have done some research on this problem and although I cannot give you an exact cause, I have a few suggestions to try to see if we can get rid of this message. 


This KnowledgeBase article relates to an error with a CVI DLL but I think the essence of the solution may be adapted to try and fix this problem. It is possible that there are two conflicting versions of DAQmx installed on your machine and this is causing the problem. I would recommend doing step 2 before step 1. 


Another suggestion that I have found, detailed in the forum linked here, is that the hardware you are using is unsupported by the version of DAQmx that you have installed. I appreciate you may have no hardware/latest hardware but I just want to cover this in case it is the issue.


There have been problems with users having incorrect privilege settings, forum linked here. Can you confirm that you have Administrative privileges to run your application.


Please let me know how you get on with these suggestions,


Many thanks,

Andrew McLennan
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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