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How to modify startup settings of cRIO using NI System Configuration C# API

I'm using NI System Configuration 15.0 to automatically format and update my cRIO target with the latest firmware. I'm controlling the update process from a C# application so I use the C# API. The C# API features functions to format and install software, but I seem to be missing functionality to modify the startup settings (I want to enable sshd after updating my target since it gets disabled every time after the format process). I know that the LabVIEW API provides functionality to modify the startup settings. Does anyone know if this is possible from C# too?

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I'm not sure about whether the C# API exposes certain functions or not directly - but could you write a LabVIEW VI that uses the LabVIEW System Configuration API and compile it into a DLL which you can call from your C# application? (as a workaround)

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