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Problems using the SEGY_SM DataPlugin

I've downloaded and registered the "SEGY_SM" DataPlugin which should allow for the loading of .segy or seg files into labview.


When I use the data file to view the .segy, only portions of the file are imported. Trace data and time stamps are not being loaded in correctly. (Along with other important parameters) 


Does anyone have experiance with this dataplugin? I'm hoping that I'm doing something wrong; saving the time required to decode the file by scratch.


I'm using the 32-bit LabView Professional Development System Version 14.0.1f3

I've attached a sample .vi and .segy to this post.


Any help would be greatly appriciated.


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Hi jpendleton2020,


While I don't have direct experience with working with these file formats myself, I'll try to provide some guidance.


As I understand it you are probably using the plugin below.


SEGY_SM DataPlugin -


Looking at your VI it seems that you code is pretty simple and I don't see much that could be wrong.


I tried looking up other customers that have had similar issues and you might be able to reach out to see if they've dealt with these issues. The first post seems to have some good suggestions in it, and in the second post the user seems to have been able to successfully read a file.


SegY or SGY -


How to convert a TDMS file to SEGY file -


Sorry that I can't provide more but hopefully some of these links can point you in the right direction.

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