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How to install OpenG libraries?

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long time ago i installed the openG libraries. Now i need to reinstall a pc and have some problems.

Labview is 2014

vpm is running and database updated

In Google i found a vpm-link at


In here is a download-link that opens the VI Package manager. In the vpm appears a "We have moved logo" and "Labview Tools Network".


Then i click there on download which opens the InternetExplorer at:


On this website is again a search-bar where i insert "OpenG" but the results brings me back to the first link...


How can download OpenG?


Thanks for help


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One quick thing you can do is search in vipm itself for OpenG and install.
-Or download file in this link and open with VIPM to install:


Edit: the sourceforge link is here:

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Ok, searching in VIPM worked.

I compared the installed openg-parts on the old pc and manually selected them on the new pc in vipm.



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