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How to automatically download but not run a VI to the RT Platform

I know that using the command line can automaticlly download and run a application builded by zhe Application Builder.but I do not want It to be running.Because I use the VI server to communicate with the RT board.

thank you for your help!
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I am not sure what you are asking.

LV-RT supports FTP opeartions. You could write to the hard drive using FTP VI from the Windows machine.

Plese give more details and I may be able to help,

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I believe what you are asking is if there is a way to have your VI download into RT-Series memory but not run when executed as an EXE.

The answer is yes. When you build your application, after selecting your top-level VI on the "Source Files" tab, there is a setting on the "VI Settings" tab that allows you to select if any of the VIs in the project should "Run when Opened". The default setting for this property of a VI is FALSE/Off, but when you build it into an application, the application builder turns this TRUE/On for the top-level VI in your project. From the "VI Settings" tab you can click on any VI in the list and edit the settings of your top-level VI and explicitly tell the build to not run your top-level VI when opened, and you should be all set.
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Thank your very very much!

What did you say is my really need!
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Thank you!
I got my answer from Jeff B below.
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