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How to Write Waveform graph data to Text File with user option to do so

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So, I'm new to labview and am having trouble writing one program in particular.  I have a waveform graph that runs for 120 seconds generating a sine curve.  I am, however, having a difficult time getting the program to write the x and y coordinates into a text file.  I have attached what I have so far.  

The first task I was assigned was to write a program that creates a snusoidal curve on the front pannel adding one data point each half second for 120 seconds.  The plot should only start when the user presses a start button.

The next part involves giving the user an option to write the generated data to a spreadsheet file called "sine.txt".  The file name and location should be hardcoded.  The file should contain the x and y coordinates of each data point in columns separated by tabs, also known as delimited.


I have spent several hours tweaking the attached program and I just can't seem to get it to work right.  Any suggestions would help at this point.



A frustrated chemistry student whose research mentor is out of town 😞

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You are missing the "Sinusoidal" which is what is creating the signal.


I don't understand why you have a 240 iteration For Loop in both cases.

I don't understand why you have nearly identical code in both cases with the only real difference as whether the signal goes to a graph or to a file.

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I set the iteration to 240 because the data is supposed to update for 120 seconds at 1/2 second intervals.  The only difference between the code within the true/false cases should be the either writing to an excel text file or not.  That is the issue I'm having problems with.  I wanted the excel files to have tab delimited columns for the x and y coordinated from the graph.  How can I do this?

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First, you are not creating Excel files.  You are creating text files.  And it seems that your Write to file is already creating X (time) vs. Y (data curve) that is tab delimited.


Everything else you are doing is just too complicated or a Rube Goldberg.


All you need is the attached.

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Thank you so much!  This helped a lot!

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