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How do I format 1D waveform array to output to intensity chart?

I've tried to modify the "Cont Acq&Graph Voltage-Int" example vi to output to an intensity chart. The problem is the chart only accepts a 2D array of input data, while the DAQmx vis are giving me a 1D array of waveform data.  How do I fix this?
Thanks in advance...
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There is a waveform array to XY pairs that gives you a 1D array of a cluster of 2 elements. Maybe you could manipulate this to get your 2D array. The intensity chart needs an XY location for a given Z value. These are for showing 3D data on a 2D chart. Can you post some sample data??
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  Thanks!  Here's an example of the first few samples of the data I'm getting, plus the header:

Channels 1 
Samples 1000 
Date 2006/07/24 
Time 13:41:57.315999 
Y_Unit_Label Volts 
X_Dimension Time 
X0 0.0000000000000000E+0 
Delta_X 0.000100 
X_Value Dev1/ai0 Comment

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....actually, the samples should be in the Dev1/ai0 column.
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I figured it out:  use the "convert to Dynamic data" vi to convert the data into a type the intensity graph will recognize.
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