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Get Error 6 about 50% of time when building Application

I have the feeling this might be a Windows 7 problem. I have never had this problem on Vista or XP. Next week I will be able to try the compile this project on a Windows XP machine.


I have turned off all indexing programs for my code folder and still get the problem.


It is definitely intermittent. What I have resorted to is if it happens I change the output directory to a completely new directory and then it usually works.


Is there a way to add a retry into your deletion routine? If it is a problem with an indexing program it should not be accessing the files for too long.

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@dbaechtel wrote:


I am really not trying to be difficult with this.

I would like very much to see this issue found and fixed.

I am just giving you the facts: can't share code (confidential), have only 1 machine to try.

You may have to do most of the testing on similar machines and on multiple machines.

When I have similar code that shows the problem, I will post that.

NI has never violated my confidentiality re: my code.


Log a servicee Request with NI


1 800 433-3488


and tell them you need to report a bug with LV. They will get you a service Request number and then you can e-mail your code to an NI Enginner.



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It doesn't matter how much I trust you. I am legally bound not to release any of it to any 3rd party. Sorry, that includes NI.


I can make up my own test code, but that takes time to find code that will demonstrate the same problems.


NI might have to help to try and find that example situation that demonstrates it.

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I'm having a similar problem.  I just manually deleted the old version and it built without a problem.  This sure smells like a Windows 7 problem to me.  I highly recommend setting Labview to run as Administrator every time.  That didn't solve this but it has with other Win 7 issues I have had.


I'd like to be aware of any fixes to this. 




Dave B 

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Windows 7 has a built in search indexing service that could be the culprit as well.  Can you try disabling the search indexing by following the instructions in the following link.  Then when building make sure that you do NOT have the build destination folder open.


If anyone sees results with this option disabled please let us know.


Jon S.
National Instruments
LabVIEW NXG Product Owner
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FWIW, I just got the error 6 numerous times in a row - I've seen it before and then I traced it back to having the build folder open on another computer on our local network (I had the folder open on the deployment machine so I could run the installer).  This time no other machines were connected.  So I deleted the build folder - still no dice.  Then I closed the explorer window that contained the build folder.  Voila - build success!  So, the windows explorer apparently had some sort of lock on the non-read only folder way down in the hierarchy.  This is Win7 Enterprise 64 -bit/LV2009 (32-bit)



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Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I am having a stubborn build now (worked fine yesterday) and am getting these issues. Also using Win7 and fast PC (i7-950). grrrrr
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Try moving your build directory close to the root like c:\builds


It could be that the temporary file paths created are exceeding the 255 character limit set by windows. I found this solution in a different thread but I can't find it now.

LabVIEW 2012

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I have tried that and it definitely helps with filenames that are too long but it seems to have no influence on this problem.

Everything builds fine until the application builder tries to delete the temporary folder structure.

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