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I am doing PI controller design for boost converter using PID FPGA  My controller works but there is  voltage ripple in Process Variable since I am new to labview I dont have idea how to eliminate it.

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Sounds like you have too much Kp (proportional gain). Try reducing Kp until the oscillation stops.

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I tried low value of Kp to high value of Kp the problem exist the same

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Did you try adjusting Kp with Ki set to 0? Is your feedback variable oscillating as well?


Can you post the FPGA code or a picture at least?

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My Feed back value is oscillating if you have a PI controller Labview FPGA code can you share it here 

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I have done a PID controller in a LabVIEW FPGA in the past. I no longer have the code.


How low did you go with Kp? Something else that could be happening is that your system bandwidth is so high that your Kp is much too sensitive. You could try reducing the gain at the output of the PID VI so your Kp is less responsive.


It would help immensely if you could show the code or do a screenshot.

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This is my code 

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