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Extract Single Tone Information from Hann Spectrum

I need to examine the details of "Extract Single Tone Information from Hann" but i couldn't because it is password protected. How can i remove this password?Is it NIs strategy to set the password to some vi's?.Or is there any other function behaving like "Extract Single Tone Information from Hann" so that i can see inside?
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The VI is password protected due to a combination of patents pending and intellectual properties. The code is written in LabVIEW but as you probably noticed most the low-level analysis functions (like FFT) are included in a .dll file that you can't read either. This is just a special case where we decided to keep the original source code in LabVIEW but consider the feature a low-level code.

Let me know what details you are interested in and I'll provide you with the necessary information.

The Designer
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I need to implement this function in MATLAB,but I don't know how it works. I put necessary data to its inputs and saw the results but I failed to obtain same results in MATLAB. So, If you send me the details of the function I would be grateful. Best Regards.

Cengiz Eken
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I have attached a Power-Point presentation from NI-Week 1999 that describes the algorithm concept and performances. Note that the function shipping with LabVIEW is more complex (and more accurate) than the one described, but I hope this will give you a good idea on how things are implemented.
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Thank you for your halp and .ppt file. I have just completed implementing the code in MATLAB, thanks to you,great.
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I need you help,can you share your matlab code? Thank you.

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Hi lishoujie,


do you really think you will get MATLAB code in a LabVIEW board, asking in a 14 year old thread? (TMM was active the last time in this forum 7 years ago!)


When you need help you should create a new thread and describe the problem you want to solve (with LabVIEW)!

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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