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Directshow .NET SDK

I am trying to stream an AVI video to a Blackmagic SDI device.  It is directshow compatible so I am trying to use the DirectShow .NET SDK which basically wraps all of the DirectShow filters.


have been able to use GraphEdit to output to my SDI device but have not been able to get very far with the .NET SDK.  I have installed the Windows 7 SDK but seem to be having problems right off the bat with an AVIReader constructor.  I get an error 1172 'Class not registered'.  Is this something I need to manage manually using Regsrv? 

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Hi viScience,


The link that you posted does not work for me. Do you mind reposting that?




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I'm pretty sure regsvr is an ActiveX thing, not a .net. For . net, there is regasm. See this. Never needed to use it though.

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I would be happy if anyone could demonstrate a working DirectShow Playback vi.  After working on this on and off for a month I can only get AVI playback to work in GraphEdit and some demo C code from Blackmagic (the company that makes my SDI USB video device) but nothing in LabVIEW 😞

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Have you tried registering the libraries? If you haven't, this link runs over that, but you can also try regasm as mentioned previously:


What LabVIEW version are you using? 


You can also try to:

-Reinstall the Windows SDK, DirectShow and DirectX libraries

-Run LabVIEW as an administrator



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