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Digital Outputs

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I'm trying to figure out how to set all of my digital outputs on my DAQ to the off position until I assign a port and a line. Can anyone help me with this please?

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Your program cannot talk to the hardware until you assign the port/line.


Why are they on by default??? Was it from a previous run? Maybe you should do a proper shutdown procedure to ensure that all are off before the program ends.

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Accepted by Abby242

Depending on the model of the hardware, you can Setting and Reading the Power-Up States of Digital Output Lines.

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We definitely need to know more about your problem, because we can't really tell that you are talking about the power up state or some undefined state while the device was still powered up by your program did not terminate correctly or crashed in the previous run, or you aborted it instead of doing a proper shutdown.

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Can you please attach your code?

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@GRCK5000 wrote:

Can you please attach your code?

What for?

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Just trying to see if I can help. I would like my answer to be accepted as solution.

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I think I got it figured out.


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@Abby242 wrote:

I think I got it figured out.


When you know you have it figured out, it would be helpful if you posted your solution (and mark it as the solution) because I think this would be a big help for others who might be struggling with the same problem as well.

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