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Diagram Disable structure affects Compiler Optimizations?

Is it expected behavior for the presence of a Diagram Disable structure to disable Compiler Optimizations within the structure?


For instance, below, Loop Invariant code and Constant Folding are both disabled when they are inside the "Enabled" case of a Diagram Disabled structure. This has been verified by benchmarking, and also the lack of "fuzzy wires".



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I don't know exactly what it does but I can remember that in 8.0 and maybe 8.20 as well it was creating problem when building EXEs and I know as well that at least for early versions of 2010 it was also creating problem in some special cases when there were broken wires into them >> build would crash. I think it has been resolved but I think it shows that disable structure should be removed before building, at least that what I do.


My 2 cents.

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Antoine Chalons

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Hey Jack,


I spoke with LabVIEW R&D about this one and the story goes like this.  The LabVIEW compiler actually treats a diagram disable structure as a flat sequence frame, and we currently don't do compiler optimizations inside frames.  So you could see the same behavior if you put code in a flat sequence:




 It's something that simply hasn't been implemented yet but we should hopefully be focusing on it in the future.  But for now I have filed is as CAR #280812.  Hope that helps explain a little bit.   

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