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How to save a 29.97 fps AVI file?

I'd like to encode and save an IMAQ video stream (usually a DV cam) to an AVI file.  But the 'IMAQ AVI Create' vi only accepts an integer for 'Frames per Second' while DV video is 29.97 fps.  This results in a playback speed that differs from the original source.  Is there any workaround for this?  Thanks.



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hi Joe,


I do not see any workaround to change the FPS of an AVI file created by IMAQ AVI Create to a non integer value. I understand that the spec for your DV camera is 29.97 FPS. Is this number the same as the actual FPS you are capturing at? I ask this question because there are similar form posts on this aspect.


<Joel Khan | Applications Engineering | National Instruments | Rice University BSEE> 

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Yes, the DV spec is 29.97fps, and I am acquiring at 29.97fps.  I don't believe it is possible to capture from a DV-cam at an other frame rate.

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