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Can I enable and disable the system speaker under program control

Can I enable and disable the system speaker under program control?

I'm using LabVIEW 2010.

The PC is running Windows XP Pro.

Thank you


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Your question isn't really specific to LabVIEW, as the same exact question can be asked for any programming language. Which speaker are you referring to? Are you talking about a speaker that's built into the computer that might beep when you turn on the computer? Are you referring to external speakers? If you're referring to the built-in speaker, I know of no way to turn that off from the operating system. You could record a silent sound, save it as a .wav file and associate it with the sounds that make the beep. Or, you could always yank it out.

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Thank you for the replay.

Yes I"m talking about the speaker in the P.C., most of the the time I keep them muted. But for a new test I'm writing I need to wake up the operator and get him to stop texting and do something in a timely manner. So I was hopping I could un-mute the speaker and play them a song and then re-mute the speaker.




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Hi TeBlues,


You can call winmm.dll file with SetVolume function.

Then you can mute or unmute the speaker.

Best of luck Smiley Wink

Gaurav k
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A song???  I wouldn't exactly play them a "song" if you get my drift... 😄

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