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Dell Axim X30

I want to use a CF-6004 board and LabVIEW PDA on a Dell Axim X30.
I can't see this PDA in the compatible devices list at
Can anyone tell me if this Dell Axim X30 is compatible with CF-6004 and LabVIEW PDA ?
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The CF-6004 is a Compact Flash (CF) card, so any PDA that does not have a CF slot will be incompatible.  As you pointed out, the CompactFlash Association's website does not list the Dell Axim X30 as a device that has a CF slot, so I would assume that it does not.  I did a quick Internet search to confirm this, and I found a site that had the following recommendation:  "If you are looking for a device with a CompactFlash slot, the X50 is the one for you. If you don't need CF or VGA, I would stick with an Axim X30."

As far as LabVIEW PDA, the hardware requirements for this module are listed in Getting Started with the LabVIEW PDA Module under System Requirements.  As stated in this manual, LabVIEW PDA requires either "a Palm OS device with Palm OS 4.0 or later" or "a Pocket PC 2003 device."  I believe that the Dell Axim X30 is a Pocket PC 2003 device, but I will leave that to you to confirm.  As long as the PDA meets this requirement, LabVIEW PDA should work.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,
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I have a Dell Axim X51v with both SD and CF slots.  It has the Windows Mobile 5.0 OS.  LabVIEW PDA and the CF-6004 both work with it.  I believe that they will work with all of the Axim X series that include a CF slot (not all do). 

There are some $ problems with programming for Windows Mobile 5.0, however.  You have to update to LabVIEW PDA 8.0.1 (the .1 is the release that upgrades for Windows Mobile 5.0 from Pocket PC 2003).  Then you have to have $200 worth of Microsoft Visual Studio 5.0 to make it all work.  Most of the programms written in LabVIEW PDA for Pocket PC 2003 will work on the Windows Mobile 5.0 os as well, so I would give it some consideration before making the change.  That was not your question however I thought I would throw this in as it is often the next question Smiley Happy.

Hope that this helps,
Bob  Young

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Hey Bob,

I also have a Axim X51v with Mobile 5 and I need to do some serial comms with it... If I'm understanding this right, I can use the old MS tools and only get a subset of the LVPDA functionality, or, I can pony up the $200 for MS Visual Studio and have it running as intended. Is this right? And if so, do you have any pointers for helping make this decision?



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I have only had my PDA since Christmas and programming for it is not a real priority for me right now.  That being said, I have tried out a few things and it seems that anything that I have tried to do with Pocket PC 2003 worked as expected.  I have not tried to do any communication with a LabVIEW program, so I am not sure about your question.  The LabVIEW 8.0.1 update to let you program into Windows Mobile 5 has only been available for about a month.  I haven't really used it much except to rebuild some of my existing samples into it (which worked fine).

By the way, you can get a trial version of Microsoft Visual Studio that will work for 90 days.  That should get you a chance to see what the difference is and if it is worth the $$ to make it permanent.

Sorry I don't have a better answer.

Hope that this helps,
Bob Young

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Thanks, Bob... I'm thinking I may as well jump in and get MSVS. Sure easy to be pennie wise and dollar foolish.



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