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Data Entry Maximum and Minimum affects all objects on front panel?

At first I thought this was a bug, but apparently the Help for Data Entry seem to confirm this.  If I have two floating point number controls on a front panel, changing the maximum and minimum values in Data Entry on one changes the other one.  In fact, it changes it for all numeric controls.  The help seems to sugest that this is how it is suppose to function (but the usefulness of that is unclear).  I would think that being able to manipulate the range of values a particular control can have would be more useful.


For instance, I have two controls.  One control is the set point for my temperature controller (which I'd like the user to be limited to 0-250 °F).  The other control is the set point for my pressure controller (which I'd like the user to be limited to 0-6800psig).  What would I have to do to impliment these independed ranges?  Do I have to use slider controllers (which I do not like the user precision of)?  Do I have to handle both in my LabVIEW code?


I seem to remember the Data Entry properties of a control being able to handle what I am trying to accomplish... but it hasn't come up in a couple of projects.


Thank you for your input.

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Each control has its own separate data range. Always has been this way. I have no idea where in the Help it says that setting it for one control affects all the others, because it doesn't. You must be doing something wrong, or something is majorly frelled. Are you trying to set the ranges programmatically. Do you perhaps have a wiring error?
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Ok, I thought this seemed like a bug...


I'm in version 8.6.1.  I place two numeric controls on the diagram.  I change the Data Entry Maximum on one control in the properties dialog.  I open the Data Entry dialog for the second control.  The changes made the first control are visible on the second control.  I change the properties on the second control.  The changes are imposed on my first control.  They are obviously not independent.  Latest and "greatest" LabVIEW installed.... absolutly no block diagram code drawn.  What do you think I am doing wrong here?

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The only thing I can think of is that you select them both when you change the limits.  A new feature in 8.6 is to be able to adjust properties of multiple controls at once. 
Tim Elsey
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I tried this exact same step-by-step process on a machine that still have 8.6.0 on it, and the two Data Entry dialogs are seperate.  The bug is either a new one in 8.6.1, or I have an installation problem.  Would someone with 8.6.1 please check this on their install.


No, I do not have multiple controls selected.

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Weird.  I ran into the same problem.  However, when I run the code, the limits I set for each control seem to be in place.

In other words the actual limits of the control are not what I see in the dialog box.


And I am using 8.6.1

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Tim Elsey
Certified LabVIEW Architect
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Hmmm... I thought 8.6.1 was suppose to FIX bugs, not introduce new ones... :(.  I'm sorry, but the QC of LabVIEW releases is going down the toilet...
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Thank you all for bringing this to our attention. A CAR has been made and R&D is looking into this issue.
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Nickerbocker wrote:
Hmmm... I thought 8.6.1 was suppose to FIX bugs, not introduce new ones... :(.  I'm sorry, but the QC of LabVIEW releases is going down the toilet...

Thanks Nickerbocker,


(I remember our latest/greatest conversation.)


This is a severe bug!  I just installed 8.6.1 on my home PC and confirm this behavior as well.  There is no way I can install this on my work PC as I use this functionality to limit the ranges of controls on several of my front panels.


I hope NI gives a high priority to getting this bug fixed, and releaseas a version ASAP as an f1.  (Or would this be f2 since it is a .1 release)


I tried seeing if writing to the property node of one specific control will override the settings from the dialog box.  I found that writing to the property node did not change the range settings at all.  Also, having a different type of control such as a slider didn't help.  Changing the representation didn't help.  If you drop in a new control, the settings in the dialog box seem to be the same.  The only way to get the dialog box to get set back to the normal defaults for new controls was to completely exit out of LabVIEW and restart.

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Okay, I did some more testing.


The different numerics do maintain their own data entry limits and function properly.


The only problem is that the dialog box always shows the limits from the last time the dialog box was used as opposed to the limits of the current control that you are working with.  So this is a really annoying bug, but not a show stopper.


Now I wonder if any of the other properties set by this dialog box are affected.  A quick check of the display format seems to be okay.

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