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CLD exam type problems Posts

Hi Everyone,


Like many people on here wanting to finally take there CLD exam i have taken the 3 mock tests that Labview have provided but am still hungry for more practise. I started trying to think of CLD type exams to set myself but the problem i have with this idea is that i have a good idea of what needs to be done before i start as i have thought of the problem. Smiley Tongue


I was thinking that there must be a lot of people on here in a similar situation. I was hoping that this could be a start a thread where people could exchange there own CLD type problems. Unfortunately i have just thought of this idea without actually having a problem of my own to post. I will give this a bit of thought and post one soon.


I would suggest that the problems follow the style of the NI examples, ie State-machine possibly with File io interaction and take approx 4 hours to complete. If anyone has actually recently taken a CLD exam and has more of an insight to whether the current tests still follow this format any advice of how we should write these mock exams will be appreciated.


I will have a think and post a problem within the next couple of days. I hope to be inundated with your problems shortly.


P.S: Im secretely hoping some of the Knights on here could suggest a couple of problems, as im sure that they are in a good position to set a problem closely relating to the CLD requirements.Smiley Happy



"Everything should be made as simple as possible but no simpler"
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I have not taken the CLD, and probably never will, so take my comments in that light. Your type of question comes up a lot, and the basic answer is that if you've done the 3 sample tests you should be well prepared for the test. This is coming from folks who have actually taken the CLD. The best thing to do is the same thing that you should do whenever taking any kind of test like the CLD: make sure you get plenty of rest, relax, and don't overthink the questions. There is such a thing as over-preparing. Smiley Wink
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