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Convert 2D array with variable dimensions for Mixed Signal Graph

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Hello all,


I have a 2D array with, for example, 5 signals with each 100 data points (so a 5x100 array). 

I want to show each array on a mixed signal graph. I have a solution which works for this problem (see attachment).


My problem is that the number of signals, and thus the 2D array size is variable. So the next time I run the VI, the array can be, for example, a 6x200 array. In this case I can't show all 6 plots on the mixd signal graph with my working solution. 


I was looking for a "2D array to cluster" function in Labview (see attachment) but unfortunally this is not available (maybe a tip for the developers  Smiley Wink). 

Is there anyone who has a working solution for my problem?


Thanks in advance,




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Why can't you just wire them straight together?  Mixed Signal Graphs take a 2D array type as an input.




Randall Pursley
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Thanks for the tip. How easy can it be Smiley Happy


I tried this solution before but then Labview came up with an error so I never looked at it again. Now I realize this was due to the fact that I used a local variable somewhere else in the VI. By changing this in the original VI it works like i want it to work.

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