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Communicating with ZigBee OEM RF Modules


So, you just hooked up the module to your laptop using the usb development board that cam with the RF modules? Meaning, I don't have to buy a USB adapter for the RS-232 board? Can you give me the link where I can download the driver? What do I do after downloading the driver?

Thanks for the help from both of you!

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yes i connected the USB interface board provided by maxstream download the driver from there website here and then it should give you serial com port, for me it was com port 5 and i was using just visa and it worked fine you should contact maxstream tech support if you have any problems with the driver and they could give you some info on labview as they did for me.  I would not buy the RS232 to usb converter you should be able to do without
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Thank you!
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Okay. I'm having trouble.

When I open Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX), I don't see "Serial and Parallel" (it doesn't list it) under "Devices and Interfaces". I've even been talking to a support guy online from MaxStream.

Any advice?
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Referring to your second post in this thread, I won't need a MAX232 level shifter because the MaxStream development boards take care of that, correct?

Thank you.

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