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Can LabView communicate with Allen-Bradley Kinetix servo drive (series 2094)?

Does anyone know if LabView can communicate directly to a Allen-Bradley Kinetix servo drive (series 2094)?
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What kind of communications interface does the device provide, e.g, Ethernet, GPIB, USB, Firewire, etc.? Have you checked with the company to see if they have any drivers, particularly LabVIEW ones?

By the way, I tried going to their website to look at this serve drive but it was apparently down.
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It communicates using Sercos protocol.
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I'm not familiar with that protocol. I'd suggest you contact N.I. directly or the vendor of your hardware to find out about SERCOS support and LabVIEW.
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Currently NI doesn't have a SERCOS solution. For distributed motion control NI offers SoftMotion Controllers which can be used with CANopen drives from Copley controls.

If you would like to learn more about that, here is a link:

Brian K.
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