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Check if file exists returns false. File is in system32

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I'm having a problem detecting if a file exists which was simply copied to the system32 directory.  I tried moving the file to various other directories and simply using a vi with the "Check if file or folder exists" action.  I've narrowed it down to not being able to find the file if I copy it to either c:\windows or c:\windows\system32. 


I thought this could be a permissions issue, but did my best to assign the user name full control of the folders.


Another interesting thing is if I make the file input a control and click on the "folder" icon to open a list of files, I cannot see the newly copied files in system32 directory either.  Very strange.


This is on a Dell PC, Windows 7 professional/Labview 2010 SP1 (note I am running the vi. as an executable on this machine).  Could it be some setting in my project build?

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If you're using Windows 7 64-bit, it may be related to the problems the user was having here:


It may be that the LabVIEW functions are 32-bit and are getting redirected.

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Thanks!  Put the files in syswow64 and suddenly it sees them.  I guess it was redirecting from system32. 

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