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Is there a way to make selected objects NOT resize with pane with "resize all objects with pane" vi setting on?

Currently I am using the "scale all objects with pane" setting in the vi setting menu.  Since the program may get used on different monitors this works great. I developed it using a small size and it should look OK on any reasonable monitor setting. I have pretty complex GUI where I have expended quite a bit of time and energy getting everything "just so" on the front panel.  For a few of the objects that don't look right scaled in this way I have simply used "lock" on them and have been satisfied with the results for those exceptions.


Is there a way for me to "disable" the "scale object with pane" feature on just one or a few objects while leaving the rest as is WITHOUT using ‘lock’ for one or two of the objects? I think this is the right way to ask the question. Let me know if there is a different way to parse my difficulty - described in more detail below.


I tried turning off of the "scale everything" setting and to going back and set each object I want to scale individually, but this turns out to be a nightmare and screws everything up. So I'd like, if possible, to cause a few objects NOT to scale, but for these few objects I can't, unfortunately, use 'lock'. I should explain some of the background so you will understand my constraints. 


I need to be able to save a jpeg file of and image from a video overlaid with certain numbers from numerical computations. This is an important feature of the program. Currently I'm using a nice trick where I put the video capture image and the numerical displays in a tab container with a single tab and no tabs showing, and then use “Invoke Node - Get Image” to take a snapshot of just the relevant information inside the tab - beautiful and simple.  But regrardless of the method, I want to keep the image capture a certain size.  Up to now I have been using ‘lock’ on this tab to keep the image size fixed. So far so good.


Now comes the problem – there is one more thing I need to add to my tab container, and this is a customized graphic overlay – a square that is superimposed over a certain (variable) region of the video image. I’m using another object where I control its position using property nodes. It all works beautifully except any object inside a locked tab cannot be moved, and on the other hand if the tab is unlocked it blows up making the image capture much bigger than desired. Also the object I use as the ‘marker’ overlay will also scale in an undesirable way.  The numerics of placing the 'marker' object exactly where it should be gets messed up.


Is there any way anyone can think of where  I could keep that one tab containing the collection of objects I want a snapshot of to stay fixed in size and not scale with the other objects in the GUI – as if I ‘locked’ it, but without it being really locked since I need to move one of the contained objects around programmatically?

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OK this is kinda part way there. See attached vi. The panel dimension input is well hidden inside the "AutoGrow?" property node. It is a lot of work to do such a simple thing, but it works.The tab container stays size stays fixed. However the object inside of the tab still scales and unfortunately I can find no way to control its width as of yet. I don't care about the relative position of the tab, just that it (a) stays the same size, and (b) the objects inside of it keep their original size and relative position inside of the tab container.

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