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DCOM RPC unavailable for WinX32 Camera

Hello everyone,


I would like to use a program called WinX32 (Princeton Instruments) to control a Camera via activeX on a remote machine. The remote machine has the camera and WinX32 software running. On the local machine I have a small labview program that I would like to connect to the remote machine and use activeX to control the WinX32 program. (On the remote machine I have confirmed that this lavbiew program works properly.)


On the local computer, I attempt to open an automation reference using the IP of the remote computer. It returns an Error RPC unavailable. 


Both machines (Win XP) have been configured such that the RPC server is running, the DCOM properties are enabled with tunneling TCP/IP, and COM over the internet.


Anyone have any insight into this problem? (I've read the RPC error threads on this forum.)


Thanks for your help!


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