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Can Labiew be used to open PDF files?

If you are talking about the NI function, you will not get the password from them and there is probably little need to have it.


p.s. Not the smartest idea to post your email in a public forum unless you enjoy spam.

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Please have a look at following link:


Can anyone help me out?


I want to modify any pdf document with LabVIEW.

Is it possible?


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Amit Amrutkar
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There are several LabVIEW PDF libraries around 1), but if you want to edit an existing PDF document, I believe the only really working solution is to interface to Adobe Acrobat with Active-X.The reason is that every PDF producing library has a somewhat different idea about the exact format to produce, and they only get tested with the Standard Implementation for PDF reading, Acrobat. That is because by definition, if Adobe Acrobat can't read your PDF format  it is not proper PDF.


While there are quite a lot of PDF generators of all sorts, there are only very few PDF importers and all of them can usually import the most common PDF constructs, but sooner or later trip over newer PDF features and/or code generated by non-Acrobat formatters.



Rolf Kalbermatter
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Hello, I need search a list of items (R1, R2,C1, C2 etc), in a topographic file, .pdf.

I would scroll through the list with the press of a key, for example keyboard space, and to visualize the search.

Can you help me?

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Hello franbecks,


Since you are replying to an old post I suggest making a new post. It allows for your question to be found easier and for the community to respond to you easier. Thank you!

Marina B.
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