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Can Labiew be used to open PDF files?

           I have LV 8.0 and would like to build a program to scan a Excel spreadsheet containing 1300 file names. After finding the PDF file name that meets my search criteria I would like LV to open the chosen PDF file. Is this possible?
Thanks, Randy
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Yes.  You can use system to launch Adobe Read.
Or you can use ActiveX.  Latest Adobe Read support ActiveX.
George Zou
George Zou
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Or use the VI called 'Open Acrobat Document'. It's in vi.lib\platform\browser.llb (LabVIEW 7.1).
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or you can use this vi I attached.
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Wow! Thanks, guys. Three good answers in less than forty minutes! I didn't even get a chance to respond to the original question yet. Customers like you guys really make a difference, and all our other customers really benefit from your benevolence. Thanks again!

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Sarah K.
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National Instruments
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Thank you very much. This is my First time at opening and or modifing files with Labview and you all helped a lot!

Thanks Again, Randy

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I would like to use the same function but also scan within the pdf files for a certain text or even picture. Is this possible? If so how?



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Hello Yariv,

If Adobe has an ActiveX control that allows you to access the search capabilities of Acrobat, you can most definitely access it through LabVIEW's ActiveX containers.

Let me know if you have anymore questions - have a great night!


Janell R | Applications Engineer

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Hi Janell,

Since I don't have any experience with it, do you have any example code or link how to perform it?

Best regards


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Hello Yariv,

Unfortunately, I do not have any examples on using ActiveX to scan PDFs.  ActiveX is actually a Microsoft technology.  There is a chance that a generous community member here or on another forum (like LAVA) maybe able to assist.

Good luck!

Janell R | Applications Engineer

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