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Cursor list "snap to plot"-Cleaning


When I snap a cursor to a plot the context-menue shows lots of plots that arent actually in the graph anymore.

How can I clean that up?

Greets CtheR


snap to prob.png


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Have you removed them from the plot legend as well?  Or are they still in there?

Kind regards,

- Bjorn -

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Have you checked graph properties? There is remove option...



Gaurav k
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this looks promising!

What do you think is the best way to clear my plot-list up (programmaticaly) since I can only address the plots one by one and not as a whole?

Wiring an empty array to my xy-graph does not help. And when I remove the plot names the list looks like that:

snap to 2.png



@Gak : Hmm, this just deletes my cursor ffrom the list...

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same issue with me

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