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Blink DAQmx LED for Identification

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I don't think this is possible, but I thought I would ask.


A number of DAQmx devices have LEDs on them, for example a "READY" LED and an "ACTIVE" LED.


Is there any way to control these LEDs, that is, I would like to make them blink.


Why do I want to di this? Assume I have multiple devices attached to my computer that are the same model, I would like to make the LED blink so the user can identify which device they are connecting to. Does that make sense?




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Its device specific.  What is the device?  A terminal constant should help

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I am not sure what you mean.


Some background:

  1. I made a general purpose program for any DAQmx device, it works in the following way.
    1. The user selects a device from a list of devices attached to the computer.
    2. The parameters of the device are dynamically found and loaded into the program.
  2. Sometimes mutliple units of the same device are attached. Here it would be nice to blink the LED so you know which device you are selecting.

Most of the devices used are USB based, either stand-alone systems or modules inserted into a cDAQ chassis.




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Sorry mcduff I must have been unclear.  Yes, I believe it is possible to blink the LEDs of some devices.  What is the model of a device that you wish to try to find a LED blink method for?  Not all models may have this ability so the method is device specific.


I know I've done it once a long time ago and cannot find the source project (may not have copied it to a thumb drive on hand)  and the grey matter is leaking the danged details (maybe some coffee will help)  I'll try that while you post back

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Main devices presently used:

  1. USB-4431
  2. cDAQ-9171 with various modules
  3. USB-6366



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Accepted by mcduff

That's almost too easy


I believe each of those blink the LEDs with a Reset Device


I thought we were looking at cRIO stuff (a bit harder since I only have 2017 up right now and haven't installed the 2017 RT module)

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Actually I already had a reset device option as a right menu click!


Just checked it, and indeed it does blink, albeit only once on the cDAQ-9171. But it does the job.






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There you go! another example of perfectly functioning software that does everything needed Complained about by the darned USER that can't figure out how to operate it!

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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HI Jeff,


I noticed your signature has a picture in it, but it comes up with the broken image icon.




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One last question since you are the DAQmx guru.


It is relatively simple to put the reset device in a for loop for three iterations, that way it blinks more than once. Is there anything deterimental to having multiple resets? Will the instrument freeze up, etc?






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