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Arduino Restarts my PC when used for serial interface

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I am using the Countinuous Serial Read Write example and other simple programs to read data from Arduino Board but i am facing a serious problem that my PC restarts wih Blue Screen when reading data from Arduino for 5 mins.

I dont know the reason and tried various solutions including adding the Byte Count at Serial Port to connect with the Read Serial VI.

Kindly guide me what could be the possible reason for this problem.


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Are you using a USB to Serial adapter?


My experience is that the drivers for many of these are very flaky and lead to bluescreens. I believe my problems were related to Prolific drivers. There are more expensive adapters from FTDI that work much better.

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Accepted by Abuzar

I've had this problem too - my PC would crash on average about once per day when logging data from an Arduino.

Someone on these forums suggested setting the VISA read to synchronous rather than asynchronous. Right-click in the VISA read and select "Synchronous I/O Mode" > "Synchronous".

I tried this and it seem to have worked - I haven't had a crash for about a month now. I have no idea why this would make any difference but it seems to.

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I have had problems with Prolific USB to serial too. I only use FTDI now and have no issues.
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I have connected the arduino directly with computer using it own USB Port.

I am now trying the Synchronous mode now and uptill now its working correctly.

So thanks to all of you for taking time and proposing a workable solution.


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