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An error occured-The NI System Web Server is not running

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I am still encountering this problem.  I had a trial version of NI software from 2011.  It had expired, so I decided to download a new trial version for Labview 2013.  For this purpose,  I uninstalled the old version and re-installed the new version.  I extended its trial period from 7 days to 45 days.  After doing this step, I ran into the error that is listed on the message board.   One of the message boards suggested to repair NI software.  I did this and re-booted the computer according to the instruction in the pop-up message..  However, the same error remains.   Now, I found this thread that suggests to repair the NI software a second time.   I have started this process, but it takes a long time. 

Any ideas on overcoming this situation?

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Try installing the f2 patch!

Craig H. | CLA CTA CLED | Applications Engineer | NI Employee 2012-2023
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I just installed this patch and re-booted my computer.  However, I am still getting the same error.  Any other ideas?

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Do I need to change some registry setting or file to get the software to point to the right web server?

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Hi kijijisale,


Since you have tried all the previous troubleshooting steps, let’s see if the service can be manually started.

Navigate to Start >> Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services >> NI System Web Server. Left click the NI System Web Server and in the top of the dialog box click Start. Are you able to manually start the service?

Sam Burhans
Senior Product Manager
National Instruments
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The server does start.  After that, when I tried to launch the examples, I got a different error indicating that Ni Help Server could not be found.  Any other ideas? 

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Did you receive the error before extending the LabVIEW 2013 trial from 7 to 45 days?

Also, did you ever receive the error with LabVIEW 2011?



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I was looking solution for this problem and I found here. I also encounter this problem when I used this function.some day ago  I can used it without any problem, but today the computer jump the window that say"An error occured-The NI System Web Server is not running"

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thank you very much !

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there always an easier way to solve problems...

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