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An error occured-The NI System Web Server is not running

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When ever I try and open an example program I get this error.  Tried re-booting .  That didn't work.  Someting is different because example vis worked in the past.



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Accepted by topic author MarkDavid

Hello Mark.


Did you try to repair on of the NI Software you have? There is a known issue where repairing a software unregestier it from the Web Server and makes this error pop up. A solution is to repair the software again to register it anew. Here is the related Knowledge Base article:


Repairing NI Software Installs Leaves NI System Web Server Unregistered 


I hope this helped



Florian Abry
Inside Sales Engineer, NI Germany
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WOW !!  NI Germany??


Thanks..I'll give that a shot.  The only thing that bothers me is I didn't do a repair prior to this hapening.

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Yes, There is also NI in Germany Smiley Wink


 Its just I was browsing the forum and had a similar case where this helped, so I though it costs nothing to share the link with you. Smiley Happy



Florian Abry
Inside Sales Engineer, NI Germany
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Thanks !!!!  That worked.  I would have never thought of that.

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I'm stuck with this same issue. Like the previous poster, I didn't knowingly repair my installation, but I did apply the patch for AMD FX bulldozer CPUs ( )... After that, labview will start, but when I try to open any example VIs, it gives me the "An error occured-The NI System Web Server is not running" message. I've gone through and repaired again, but then I need to re-apply the FX patch and I"m back to the error.


Part of my problem is that I didn't knowingly repair any of my distributions, so I don't know which one I need to run the repair on. Do I need to run it on all of them? I've just been running it on the main LV 2011 distribution.


thanks for any help.



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I'm no expert but you might want to start a new thread.  I don't know how these get assigned to the AEs.  If its marked as solved they may never see it.  Hope you resolve your issue.  They've been great for me.


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Thanks. I finally got it sussed. I'll post it here to save someone else some frustration. After the repair operation completes, it prompts for a reboot. Instead of rebooting, I told it "NO", then installed the FX chip patch, then rebooted. That seemed to do the trick.


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We still see it, but yeah, a new thread doesn't hurt. 🙂

Ravi A.
National Instruments | Applications Engineer
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this worked.





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