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Accessing a Teststand expression in LabVIEW

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I am super new to Teststand 

I have a numeric limit test step wherein the limits are a multiplication of 2 floats. I would like to access the limits in VI for simulation purposes. I know that I can access the numeric value with GetValNumber property but I am unable to find the property for an expression like this 0.151*0.9NumericLimitTest.PNG

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I'm not sitting at a PC with teststand.  But, have you looked at the step itself for properties to see what is there?  I'd expect to see a limit as one of the properties.  With that, you can access the property and send it to LV as one of the inputs to your module.


I wouldn't think you'd need the extra function call to get the number out of the property.

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I can access a limit in the VI as in the picture. But if I try to access the limit  as I have mentioned above, it gives me a 0. I want to know which property I should use.Prpoperty.PNG 

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Accepted by GoKu25

Hello GoKu25,


can you please try Step.Limits.LowExpr or Step.Limits.HighExpr as a string?


Hope it helps


best regards
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Duplicate thread over on the TestStand board: Access Numeric limit test- limit expression in vi

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