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5 hour timer

I am looking for some advice about how to create a 5 hour timing event.I'm new to labview and not sure how
to go about this.Below is what i am trying to do:
For 5 hours i want to log some data to a file every 10 minutes.After 5 hours the program would stop .And also have a button to stop the process at any time.
I would need 2 loops .The outer being maybe a timed do while setup for 5 hours and the inner loop also being a timed do while setup for 10 minutes
with a method to end the program when a stop button is pressed.I have no idea how to set this timing up.
Can anyone give me some ideas how to do this ?
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Which version of LabVIEW are you using? You can use a Timed Loop, or you can use some of the Get Time functions to track the start time and elapsed time. Use a comparison of the elapsed time with the target time to stop the while loop.

A simple example that can be modified to do what you want can be found in this previous post: multiple indicator from elapsed time

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I am using Version 7.1 . Is  Timed loop possible with this version ?

Could somebody write me a 5 hour loop that would run in 7.1 to get me started ?




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I don't have 7.1, but if you build this yourself, it will work. I simply modified the TimerExample from the other post to have an end time. Set the End Time (hh:mm:ss) to 05:00:00 (or whatever end time you want.)

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