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3d graph blank

Dear All,

  I have problem with 3D graphs(all controls in the tree.

When I add a new control to it, it only shows the frame, the rest empty. Please find attached image.


I read, doesn't help as I am not able to able to change video accelerator settings.

My system config is as below:

Processor: i7-950

M/B: Asus P6T SE

RAM: Kingston DDR3 1333Mhz, x12GB

Display card: ATI Mobile Radeon HD6450


OS: Win7x64 Ultimate


Look forward to hearing advise.


Thank you




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forgot to attach screenshot.

Please find attached

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Will someone help me on this?


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Most graphics related issue in LV are due to .. not LV.


Check for updates for your graphics driver.


If hardware acceleartion is on try backing it down.



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If you have the Win7 Aero effect on, please try turning it off.

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I have had instances of 3d controls get messed up and found that replacing the control with a new copy to fix some issues.  The 3d graphs are awsome but more buggy than regular labview controls.  This might not be your problem but I have had to do this in the past.

Paul Falkenstein
Coleman Technologies Inc.
CLA, CPI, AIA-Vision
Labview 4.0- 2013, RT, Vision, FPGA
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Ben, thank you for your advise. I tried to do so, but ATI Catalyst Control Center restricts me from doing that. Please find attached screnshot.

In ATI Catalyst Control Center, there are too many settings and I do not understand what they are all about.I therefore do not dare to change them.




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Ben, this is the Screenshot

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Hanrock, Thanks for reply.

I turned it OFF, but still the sameSmiley Frustrated

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Falkpl, thank you for your reply. Am not that lucky though.I tried re-install new copy, still the same.

Maybe I should try new graphic card.


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