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3 joints inverse kinematics


I am trying to built inverse kinematics for 3R joints!

the one aviable on the internet for PUMA is working fine for 6 joints! but when I define my own joints without dynamic properties, the VI executes but doesnot responds when we change the position!

Please ave a look


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Your attachment did not have the kinematic parameters set as default values so I cannot directly look at them. However I suspect looking at your code that you have a arm that can go to arbitrary x,y,z. If so then you want to set the mask to [1,1,1,0,0,0]. Because you have a 3dof arm you cannot converge on all three position and orientation variables so you need to ignore some of them.

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I have attached my VI with default values! I am not giving any dynamic parameters to this right now for the time being! I have tried setting the mask values but its not letting me, it changes them again to zero!

Can you please have a look and tell em where I am loosing the track


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I think I didnot put it rightly! how can I use array function to change mask values?

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I am attaching a picture in which in i change the input of masking array to 0 and 3, the VI doesnot give error! but when we try to change the coordinates the robot doenot changes its position

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I have changed the mask input to (1,1,1,0,0,0) still its not working, its not giving me joints ouput from the IK VI and thus not displaying any 3D picture

I have attached the changed code please if you can have a look and suggest me something!


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Moreover if we stop our while loop VI of FK it gives an error that is related with IK block! the picture is attached

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