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Setting bluetooth connection with the EV3 as a slave

I'm trying to find a way (any way) to connect a pc/arduino with the EV3 using bluetooth but I most have the EV3 as a slave and not the master.
I found and tried many ways but all of them end up with the EV3 being the master..

Is it possible to set a BT connection with the LVLM where the EV3 is a slave?

If anyone has any other idea I'm fully open to suggestions.

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Hi Voly,


Could you elaborate a little bit on what you are wanting the functionality of your EV3/Arduino setup to be? This would help me to better understand the requirements of your project moving forward.

Hunter D.
Applications Engineer
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Sure, I created a robot and a some kind of a remote for it, now I want the remote to controll the EV3 as well, but I can't really change anthing about the remote so I can't modify it to 'speak' the with EV3, which means I have to change the EV3 to be able to understand the remote's protocol.
The same issue applies with the master/slave roles as the remote must be the master which means the EV3 must be the slave.

I hope this clarifies a bit.

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What have you tried to get the EV3 set up as the slave? When connecting multiple EV3s together as master and slave, the master is simply the unit that initiates the Bluetooth connections. Maybe you can try making sure the Arduino is the one initiating the connection if you haven't already.

Hunter D.
Applications Engineer
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