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Connect smarphone to labview as EV3 brick


i am looking for a way for the smartphone to impersonate an EV3 brick and to use LABVIEW to program it, all this using the bluetooth protocol, 

do you have any suggesions?



) Itamar

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Hey Itamar123,


Can you please elaborate on the application of your project and what you want the functionality of your setup to do. Also, for what reason are you using a smartphone? Typically, smartphones are not used with similar applications to the EV3 brick. There may be a way to communicate to the smartphone, but the functionalities may be different.


Michael B.

Applications Engineer

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Hi Michael,

I have elementry school kids that know how to program with lab view but dont have the robot, i can build an app on the smartphone the emulate some of the robot feature.


- I

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Hi Itamar,


I found a white paper that talks about developing Bluetooth applications with LabVIEW. This may help develop a VI that communicates with your phone.


You can also check out some EV3 emulators which run on desktops/ipads. You may be able to adapt your project in order to incorporate this service.


I hope these links can help you with your project.



Applications Engineer

National Instruments



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Hi Michael,

thanks a lot for you answer this really helps!

last question if you dont mind 🙂 , how does lab view ev3 mindstorm identify the brick as EV3 robot? does it have something to do with the bluetooth discovery protocol? 

because even if i connect my smartphone to the computer the labview doesnt "see" it as a robot....

thanks in advance,

- I

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Hi Itamar,


Typically, to identify the EV3 brick click on Tools in the top toolbar, then in the dropdown click NXT/EV3 Terminal then from the top pull-down menu select FIND NXT/EV3. This should open a window to select the NXT/EV3 device.

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